National level of pain: some numbers in Russian-Ukrainianwar

A war is the worst thing, which can happen with any countries. The Russian-Ukrainian war is going from April 2014 till our days.

The number of victims is terrible. During 5 years more than 40-thousands Ukrainian people have suffered from Russian’s military aggression, and unfortunately this number is growing everyday.

In July, 2019 Ukrainian media said about more than 3 000 killed Ukrainian service men. 3300 civilians were killed including 298 people died as far asMH17 crashed.

There are numbers of Russian-Ukrainian war victims. The information about victims was taken from Ministry of service of Ukraine’s report dating 25 March, 2019.


Everyone knows about this war. But how many people stay too close with war and suffer or feel emotional suffering from war in 2019? We made our own investigation about this. The experiment took place in social media and 382 persons were proposed to take a part in Instagram-poll during 24-hours.

The main question was: did your friends or some member of family take a part in The Joint Forses Operation?

Our result: 106 persons have been voted: 57 of them have chosen the answer “yes” and 49 “no”. The result of voting in percentages you can see below.

Olena Yakobchuk, Magister of Journalism and Intercultural Communication

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